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    Adobe Creative Suite Student activation process?



      I am taking a web design class soon and I want to buy the Creative Suite student version. I understand you need to prove that you are a student to get the activation process completed. Can someone elaborate on exactly how this process goes?


      Once I activate, do they give me a code that I can use, should I ever need to re-install (for instance, if my computer dies)? Or do I need to contat adobe and be in a class again to re activate.


      I don't want to have to pay and take a class every time I want to install CS4.


      Anyways, if anyone can shed some light on this for me, I'd appreciate it.




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          Khaye2728 Level 1



          For a Student Edition of Adobe softwares, you must first submit your proof of status (i.e., class registration, enrollment form, valid photo id with expiration date on the school id) to Adobe.Once you submitted any of those mentioned, that's the time that that you're going to contact Adobe via phone or email to get your serial number for your s/w. The Activation process only takes place if you have uninstalled your Adobe software without deactivating it first.


          If your desktop or laptop crashes and your s/w was still loaded on it, you can still reinstall it on another machine. Just make sure that you won't exceed the activation seats or else, it won't allow you to load it on another pc. Just for you to know. Adobe softwares can be installed and activated twice on 2 different machines but you cannot use it simultaneously. Just let me know if you still need help..



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            LyncolnD Level 1

            Thanks for the information. One more quick question though...


            You said I have a 2-time install limit on up to 2 computers and you said that I can NOT use it simultaneously on two different machines.


            Does that mean I can have it installed on both at the same time but it wont let both computers use it at the same time? Or.. does it mean that having it installed at the same time isn't even possible?


            I was thinking about installing it on my Desktop and also on my laptop for when I'm on the go. Since I am the only person who uses my computers, there would only ever be one computer running the Creative Suite at a time. Would that fit within the limitations of the software?

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              Khaye2728 Level 1

              Yes, you can have it installed on BOTH computersbut you cannot use at the same time. . .


              So it's okay for you to have it install on 1 desktop and 1 laptop.

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                I have all that info but not where to send my id info - can this be done online? the info in the package and on the website is conflicting, the web suggests just putting in the number and it will be fine - it isn't!!! Waited 2 weeks for the whole package and now i'm stuck - please help...


                Ok all sorted - others may find it helpful to know that in order to access the correct page you first need to register with Adobe

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                  I have similar problem have it on imac and macbook pro, now want to move the imac to another macbook pro since I use both macbook pros and my imac is too old now.  Can;t seem to get it working on my new macbook pro?

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                    ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Well, generally to transfer the software between systems you would just need to follow the instructions for how to move Adobe software from one computer to another.



                    To address the original question about the Creative Suite Student activation process - yes it can all be done online and Adobe's validation of academic/education status usually takes about 2 business days...  This guide should help:


                    What Are the Restrictions of the Adobe Student & Teacher Editions?