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    php/wamp problem in one FB4 app

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      I am having a strange problem in a FB4/php app that I am developing. It uses php/mysql (via wamp), and data is transferred from the app to the database on a specific button click. I have ther eaxcat same code running on two machines (windows 7 64-bit) -- because I exported the FB project from a machine where it worked fine to another machine where it is not working. I double checked the php settings and all of the key code, and they are in fact the same.


      Here is the problem on the machine where the data transfer doesn't work correctly -- after I send the data to the database, I check the database (via phpMyAdmin) and I find that while the first 10 entries show up, that the final 20 entries do not show up as the correct data, but rather as all 0's. Importantly, the FB4 network monitor shows all 30m data entries accurately, and there are no error messages (the "createItem" event works with all of the correct data showing up in the network monitor "raw" view) -- so I assume that it has made this part of the journey (out of flash builder app) successfully, and that the problem has to do with the php/wamp side of it, but all of these settings are the same as on the machine where everything works fine!


      Any ideas what might be happening, or where I might go to troubleshoot this further?



      Thank you