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    0kb Pdf's when downloaded


      Strange issue with a client, she has Acrobat 6 installed with Adobe Reader 9.2.  I know this isn't a supported setup, but it seems to work fine in the same scenario on a machine here at work.  She is also able to dowload and open pdf's from other sites, but not ours.  Whenever she does it gives her the message about it being corrupt and always shows 0kb as the size.  I had her reinstall Adobe Reader 9 to no availability.  I checked the file types to see that Acrobat 9 was being used to open pdf's by default and it is.  The only thing I can think of is Adobe somehow decodes the pdf as it is being downloaded and it is somehow using Acrobat 6 to do so.  This could be the problem as we use Acrobat 9 for pdf creations and maybe the other sites she is using use something less than Acrobat 9 which is still making her compatible with Acrobat 6.


      Any ideas???


      I am all out of them and googling did not help.