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    Images not printing properly


      I have made the switch from Apple Pages to InDesign (CS4) and am having poor print results. The same document, with the same image sources look great when printed on my Epson 1900 through Pages. When I print through InDesign, photos are washed out and slightly greenish. Pages directly accesses the print dialogue box where I have color management set to "no" and the correct paper type etc. Images print exactly as they do when I print directly from Photoshop.


      In InDesign I have tried several things...in clr mgmt I have In Design manage and correct paper profile (print settings also have clr mgmt turned off and correct paper type) I have tried both selecting and un-selecting preserve RGB(but I believe for inkjet it should be checked) Just always looks really bad. In the clr management box it is set to Document, but the profile, an sRGB IEC... profile, is not what I see for profile in Photoshop's color management. There it is cameraRGB. Should they not match? I am using the "place" command.


      Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?


      I have superb color prints from Photoshop and pages using the same images and the same epson r1900... so I know it isn't the images!