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    Guide Groups


      I think it would be nice to be able to put guides into groups that you can toggle visibility on. One example is with the newer trend of 960 grids. The ability to show/hide that set of guides and show others that relate more to the things your working on would be very helpful in removing the clutter that many many many guides can become.

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          Tyrannosaurus Mex

          Either guide groups, or being able to save guides by layer or folder. This can be improved.

          What is true is that having ONE set of guides that can only be turned on and off is a sad and primitive option that Adobe can and should improve upon. Get on it people!

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            Marijan Tompa [tomaxxi] Level 4

            yeah, it would be very nice!

            I suggested this long time ago, like 3-4 years ago, but still nothing....



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              Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

              Yep - would give them something else to put in their, at the moment only partially useful, Application Bar… A drop down menu for guide sets. Why not. Command ; could be customised to show whatever sets you want. I have absolutely no idea why buttons to show and hide Guides are not already included in the Application Bar, seems like an obvious place for it.


              Other feature requests that have been made by others in relation to guides are - curved guides, diagonal guides, multicolored guides and - cusom vector shapes to guides.

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                c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                I suppose the snapping-behaviour relative to non-vertical and non-horizontal guides might be a bit of a bother, but those requests sound reasonable.