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    ADE Bookmarks and printing


      Hello --


      I just started using ADE to read a recently published book from the University of California Press (scholarly/academic work). I had to purchase the book and then download ADE. I was expecting to be able to somehow be able to print the sentences I highlight in the text along with the annotations I made using the bookmarks feature.


      When I searched the forums, I found this answer (http://forums.adobe.com/message/1993962) with a user hosting a page that will convert the annotation file into an HMTL page. Unfortunately, it only takes the text that I added as annotation and nothing else - no page number references, beginning of the text it's attached to or anything. This is extremely frustrating to me. I'm reading this book for school; I chose to purchase the digital edition rather than photocopying chapters out of the physical book becaues I thought it would save a bit of paper.


      Does anyone have any suggestions? I understand why the publisher or the program doesn't allow text from the ebook itself to be copied/pasted, but there has to be a better way to handle the bookmarks...