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    Issue when importing ai files into Flash


      Okay I have an Adobe Illustrator CS4 file that I am trying to import into Flash CS4.  The file is fine in illustrator, it's just when it comes into Flash that it has problems.  Namely, it doesn't render the shape correctly even though the subobject profile path is correct.  See attachment.  We're really zoomed in here, the shape itself isn't much larger than 10px square.


      I've deduced that it is a scaling issue, but don't know how to get around it other than redrawing the shape again in flash.  It's not like flash has an issue with tiny elements, it seems to have an issue with elements drawn at a larger scale in ai and then scaled down, be it in ai directly or in flash after import.  There is a threshold in which it no longer wants to draw the shapes correctly anymore, as if the curve handles are being ignored and it's merely trying to draw a straight line.  Again this same file if brought in much larger renders properly, it's only when it has been scaled down previously that it becomes confused.


      Anyone have any ideas on how to get around this problem?