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    Saving video&audio as 1 file.


      Hey guys,


      When I render my project to full HD with either the MPEG2 or H.264 codec I get 2 seperate files for audio and video, is it possible to convert this into one file? Or is there a player that can playback a seperate audio and video track at the same time?


      What i'm basicly trying to do is converting all the .MTS files that I've recorded with my camcorder to one file, with keeping the quality as high as possible. If anyone has any advise on this, I would appreciate it.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          All you will need to do is make sure to choose Multiplexing = DVD. This will usually be on the Multiplexing tab (the last one in most dialog screens). The other option is Multiplexing = None.


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            I saw that option i just didn't know what it did. But when I click on it it doubles the bitrate, so that means your file size becomes twice as much, that can't be right, right?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              What is the exact format that you are using?


              Remember that before, you had the bit-rate to deliver just one stream, and now you have to consider that you have two.


              Let's take DVD-Video and a muxed MPEG-2 stream. The DVD-specs. allow for 10MB/s (OK, that isn't exact, but for this example people will probably let me slide). This is for the combined bit-rate for both Audio & Video. When you take out the Audio, you're down closer to 8MB/sec. Not double, but a difference of 20%.


              Also, by going to DVD multiplexing, your Video's bit-rate might have gone up to fill that available on DVD-Video. Maybe a few more % here?



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                I'm using .MTS files, and I just found a program that can just simply join the files together (TSSplitter). That's what I wanted. But thanks for your help. If I can ask one more question. I tried multiplexing but it said that I had to use a different codec. I've read this post: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2181987 but there is no option to change the codec. You can only use the PCM one. Do I need to install aditional software, or drivers or whatever to be able to choose a differnt codec?


                and again,


                Thank you very much.

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                  On a DVD, there are several possible Audio CODEC's. The main two, in NTSC-land, DD AC3 and PCM/WAV. In PAL-land, MPEG Audio was originally "optional," but is falling out of favor. It was never optional in NTSC-land.


                  The image below is from Share>MPEG in PrE 4. There could be some changes in PrE 8, but things should be very similar. One must use the Advanced button to get to a tabbed dialog screen. Here, I show all three tabs open at once. This will not happen in the program, as one can only access one tab at a time. This, however, demonstrates the locations for the various settings.



                  Which Audio CODEC did you wish to use. You will only have PCM/WAV, AC3 and two flavors of MPEG (do not use these, unless you know exactly where your file will be played, and how it will be played. Both can cause serious problems for people, to whom you send the file. OOS is a common problem with both MPEG's Multiplexed schemes.


                  Hope that this helps,



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                    Now, with HD material, you'll be most interested in the BD settings. They are similar to DVD, but allow for more selections. Still, the muxing choices will be very similar. My example above is for SD, but should give you an idea where to look for your BD settings, even if you are not going to a BD physically.


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                    PS - maybe someone with your version of PrE can show you exactly where each of the selection drop-downs and such are located, and how to access them. Remember, my example is from PrE 4, so some interpolation might be needed.