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    Screen Size - Variable vs. Fixed, Full Screen options for newer monitors

    Scott - TNC Level 1

      Hi -


      I originally started creating Authorware pieces at a fixed size of 800x600 when there were just a few choices of monitor settings.


      I then had a project to develop on one of the mini netbooks, and discovered the 'variable' size setting in Authorware, where I could use a CALC icon to set the display to 1024x600...which worked great for that particular project.


      With all of the new monitor/laptop sizes coming on the market, I'm trying to learn about 'full screen' options.


      What I would like to do is to design for a minimum size...such as 1024x600...which may be full screen on a netbook.  And I'd like an option for it to appear 'full screen' on larger monitor settings in the event that the project is used on another monitor...such as a wide screen desktop monitor or other size laptop monitor.


      I usually create a background graphic of 1024x600 pixels to serve as the 'shell' of the interface, and place buttons into it (such as next,back, replay, etc.).  Then I leave a large white space in the center of that graphic to serve as the 'content' area where I put text, and all of the question interactions.  I space the buttons and question text nicely so that they are centered in that area...horizontally, vertically.  So it looks pretty cool as I've designed it.


      Is there a way that I can take that core set of items...designed to display nicely in the 1024x600 frame, and have all that appear 'centered' within a full screen area with a matching color background?  I see that I can change the background color to match my graphic frame.  My hope is that if I design at one size, an it is displayed on a LARGER screen monitor setting, that the surrounding aread around my basic design would simply be covered by the matching background color that I designate.  I understand that if the monitor was set SMALLER that what I've designed, that parts of my content will be cut.


      I've tried to take my file at 1024x600, set it to size 'full screen', publish it and then view it.  the screen is full, but my 'shell' of 1024x600 and all of it's content appears in the top left.


      I'm trying to allow the design of this project to have a minimum fixed area...but will gracefully expand to future monitor sizes that I haven't even considered.


      Any suggestions?  Is it possible?


      Thanks -