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    I can not open Adbe Reader on a iMac, joined into a Open Deirectory server


      Dear All,


      I setted up a MAC OS X 10.6.2 server with Open Directory.

      I created sevral netwrok account on the server


      I have some iMac 10.6.2 and users log into the server and work with their remote file.

      The user preferences /Library/Preferences are store on the server.

      No home are on the iMacs (local).


      This configuration cause me some problems and particularely with the last version of Adobe Reader


      When I open first time Adobe Reader and I accept the licende it crach and ask me to send a report to adobe. But If I log me with a local account (admin), I can open it. only with a network account it freeze.


      I think it is because it can not read or create the adobe reader preference file into the server. But the user has the permission to write into the remote home folder (o the server)


      Do you have an idea why I can not open Adobe reader with a nwtork account?


      Many thank for your advice