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    Can't create PDF from Word file


      I may be missing some functionality or that functionality may not exist.


      I'm running Acrobat Pro 9.2 and MS Word 2004 (11.5) on OSX Leopard 10.5.8. I want to create a PDF from a Word file but NOT using the Print dialog. I want to either create it in Acrobat using File > Create PDF > From File or create it from within Word using the Acrobat menu/toolbar. This is so that it will end up as a tagged PDF.


      However, I don't have an Acrobat menu or toolbar in Word. I thought Acrobat was supposed to have installed these into MS Office when I installed Acrobat. And when within Acrobat if I select File > Create PDF > From File and choose a Word file, I get a message "Acrobat could not open 'filename.doc' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged". This happens for all Word files.


      Looking in Acrobat > About Adobe Plug-Ins... under Convert2AdobePDF it says 'Loaded: no'.


      Are these two methods of converting Word files to PDFs something that can only be done in the Windows version of Acrobat? Or is there a plug-in or update I can download to install this missing functionality?


      Thanks for your help,