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    How to make spreads appear correctly in Reader and Archive.org?

    Guy Burns Level 1

      I have uploaded a PDF to archive.org, set up as single pages which start on the front endpaper - the spread when you first open the book (see http://www.archive.org/details/AWalkAlongTheShore). I would like that spread to appear as a normal double page when you select the Read Online option (under View the Book options, on the left of web page), but unfortunately, Read Online assumes the first page of the PDF is a right-side page (page 1 for example), when in fact the first page of my PDF is a left-hand page. The result is that when viewed in Read Online all the spreads are incorrectly shown.


      I could fix the problem by uploading the PDF again with an additional page inserted at the start, but if I do that, when a user downloads the PDF and uses Adobe Reader to view the file as Two Up (View > Page Display > Two Up) Adobe Reader does exactly the opposite of Read OnlIne -- Adobe Reader assumes the first page is a left-hand page when in Two Up mode, so if I insert an additional page to overcome the Read Online problem, the PDF will look wrong when downloaded and read as Two Up.


      Any suggestions how I can overcome this dilemma?