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    Checkbox, selected true or false


      Hey All,

           I need to tell wheter or not my checkbox is selected and have this placed in xml. When the check box is checked how do I get the xml to return "True"? Thanks


      This is what I have so far that returns a "True" but not in the xml


      <mx:CheckBox x="127" y="485" id="checkBox" label="Checkbox" selected="false" click="isChecked()" enabled="true"/>


      private function isChecked():void {
                      if (checkBox.selected) {
                      } else {


      private function trueTax():String {
                      return "True";
                  private function falseTax():String {
                      return "False";


      <mx:HTTPService id="userRequest" url="http://www.test.com/test.php" useProxy="false" method="POST">
              <mx:request xmlns="">