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    Objects preivew fine but print incorrectly--same problem when exporting


      I had a PDF that was created in AutoCAD that I then took into Illustrator. I made all of my changes, went to print, and noticed that for some reason random lines would drop off of my printout, even though they appeared fine in the preview menu! And these nonprinting areas change, too--I've made several test prints and they seem to jump around randomly.


      I found this artcile (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/322/322680.html) which led me to discover that in Illustrator if I go to File > Print > Advanced and select High Resolution from the Preset drop down menu my documents print they way I want them to. Great, accept for the fact that I need to export them into another file type for the project I'm working on, which starts the problem all over again. Because no matter what I select--EPS, JPG, PNG--whenever I bring the item into Photoshop and try to print I get the SAME PROBLEM. Only this time there's no helpful print menu setting to navigate.


      My document is literally a bunch of black lines and a few squares of color with a 50% opacity. However, I've tried exporting versions with no color in case the opacity was screwing things up, but I keep having the same problem, color or no.

      What the heck is going on? I've never had a problem like this before and I can't find a solution anywhere!