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    spry widget problems - CS3

      Hi all,

      Anyone who wants point me in the right direction, I will appreciate it!

      I'm trying to figure out what's up with a site I'm working on. It was made in DW CS3. I used the spry widget to make the drop down menu. There are also google maps that seem to be causing problems.

      The problems that my client are having are below. He is running IE 7.0 on a PC. I can not replicate the errors exactly on my PC, running IE 7.0 nor on my mac running IE for Mac (lol!). They work partially in FF on my mac and PC.

      1. For my client, none of the links work on the drop down menu on the "Participating Farms" menu item. I can get half of them to work. I used the spry widget to make the drop down menu. http://www.nectfarmersmarket.org/farms.html

      2. On the locations page, the client is getting a "stack error at line: 0". From what I have found doing google searches, that is a recursive javascript error. The page is: http://www.nectfarmersmarket.org/locations.html This page originally had google code embedded for interactive maps. For the client, the embedded google code showed up only as blank space. But now he gets the stack error.

      In an unrelated site, I was using the spry widgets to make a rollover effect and have yet to get them to work, either in preview or live on the server. Could my DW be messed up? (this problem was just solved via this forum, there was a backslash in the code that had to be removed)

      So, how to I find and fix these errors?

      Thank you in advance for any ideas
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          I was able to fix the other problem (a swap image issue) by deleting a stray character in the code, thanks to Murray. :)

          Anyone have any ideas about this though?
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            Ben M Adobe Community Professional
            I don't know what to tell you about #2. I've looked in the javascript console and can't seem to find any errors being generated from your page.

            If you are having trouble with the Spry menus working in later browsers you may want to update Spry to the latest version (I noticed you were still on 1.4). Head over to the following site and download the latest version and see if that fixes the issue.


            That will give you a bunch of files in the download. All you need to know is that there is an extension inside which needs to be run. This will add a command under the Site menu to update Spry. The rest is filler about how Spry can be used and some samples if you are into coding and want to go beyond the basics that Adobe gives you in DW.
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              Thank you, I got the update and installed it. Looks like it went in without a problem. It did write over my style sheet, so I went to the back up and replaced the code. So now it's back to the right colors.

              However, problem #2 is still not fixed. On my PC, in IE 7.0, these links do not work in the drop down menu under "participating farms" : Duhamel Farms, Palazzi Orchard, or Woodstock Farms. So does anyone having them working (on a PC on IE?) .