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    InDesignServer Service not starting on Windows Server 2003 (32bit & 64 bit)

    Eliot Harper

      Note: this issue is different from this thread on a similar issue.


      This problem has plagued me for weeks and I finally give up. InDesign Server installs successfully and the InDesignServerService starts, but the server does not run. I can only run the server from the command line. I've followed these installation instructions but run into the following problems:


      1. installing by the command line: InDesignServerService /install fails and produces the following error log:


      Installing service InDesignServerService...

      Creating EventLog source InDesignServerService in log Application...

      Rolling back assembly 'E:\Program Files\Adobe InDesign CS4 Server\InDesignServerService.exe'.

      Affected parameters are:

         logtoconsole =

         assemblypath = E:\Program Files\Adobe InDesign CS4 Server\InDesignServerService.exe

         logfile = E:\Program Files\Adobe InDesign CS4 Server\InDesignServerService.InstallLog

      Restoring event log to previous state for source InDesignServerService.

      2. I cannot install or load the snap-in to MMC. When I try to install regsvr32 InDesignServerMMC.dll it cannot be found (as it's not in the InDesign Server directory). However InDesignServerMMC64.dll is in there and I was able to load the snap-in using regsvr32 InDesignServerMMC.dll, but the server still only runs when being started from the command line.


      As I mentioned, InDesign Server runs fine when I have an active command line window open and run InDesignServer, but the moment I close the command line window, the server shuts down. Any ideas?