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    Button text is the same for every button - how to undo this?



      I was just editing a button in fireworks CS4 (macintosh) and I accidentally said yes to the text that said something to the effect of "update all states of this button" . Unfortunately, I also marked the checkbox regarding the "don't ask me again" option.  I thought it was just going to update all the button text for just the states of that instance, but it changed the rule so now all the instances of that symbol will share a single text label. Now I can't have a button with more than 1 name. I don't know how to uncheck the "don't ask me again" and I can't find this out anywhere.
      This is bad. I could revert to a version of fireworks but I don't know where the preference would be stored: in the library, in the application folder, etc.
      thanks for your help!