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    Need some assistance on 1.5 pro


      Hello all,


      I realize this is an older version, but it has held up well for me.  I am currently running Pro 1.5 on a 64 bit Vista OS, with Pro running in an XP mode.  I have been working on a project on and off for a few months, and I hit a snag, and finally got around to getting what i wanted.  I opened Pro and the correct file, only to find a serious problem.    In my workspace, all of my audio, video, and title clips are present.  All of the files are shown in my folders as well.  However on the workspace monitor, nothing shows up, only titles appear on play through, and i have no audio.  I have no audio at all actually, i can play videos in the source monitor, and the footage appears, but i have no audio even then.  I even imported a fresh video into a new project, and i got the video, but no audio.  The video source is located on an external hard drive, which i can axcess with no problem, so it is not a connection issue.  The other thing, is that three of the clips are on my internal hard drive, they show up, but so is my audio.  The render bar at the top of the timeline is red all the way across as well.  I thought this might be solved by a render of the workspace, well it turned green, and still nothing.  Has anyone had anything like this occur, or have a forum or link that will give me an awnser, i would really apprieciate this.  Thank you in advance.



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          skynet63 Level 1

          OK all, i managed to solve the audio problem, for some reason something had changed under my audio hardware selection, so now that works.  I still lack video in the work area however, i have restarted, and still no change.  I also notice i do not even have a preview picture on the clips on the timeline window.  I also took one of the clips from the external hard drive and moved it onto my internal drive, still no change (yes i updated the location of the source file in project) I will continue working with it, but any suggestions would be helpful.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Only two solutions make sense:


            1. Revert back to XP 32, or


            2. Upgrade to CS4.