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    Urgent MPEG2 question (pixel aspect ratio)


      Is a composition that is set as a D1/DV NTSC Pixel Aspect Ratio (0.91) able to be exported as a MPEG2 file?


      I have a very large, very complicated project file with a D1/DV NTSC Pixel Aspect Ratio and I'm trying to save it as a MPEG2 file type because it has the best compression for the quality and need the file sizes to be small.  However when I go to the MPEG2 Format Options when exporting, it only has Standard 4:3 (0.80), Square Pixel (1.00), Widescreen 16:9 (1.067), and Widescreen 2.21:1 (1.326).


      Is there way I can have this project in MPEG2 format and not have letterboxing, stretching or cropping?


      Thank you,

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          What version of AE are you using?

          What are your composition's dimensions? Did you use the NTSC DV composition preset?


          First off, if file size is your only concern, then you should encode to h.264, not mpeg2.

          Mpeg2 is mainly used for DVD production. H.264 is a much more advanced codec for the sake of making a good-looking & small file.

          If playback is computer-based (not DVD), you'll probably want to nest your D1/DV comp inside a square pixel equivalent, and then render that file to a Quicktime (Animation codec @ best/full quality). Then, use Adobe Media Encoder, or your encoding software of choice, to make the compressed (h.264) version.


          That being said, and if you are going to mpeg2 for DVD, then how are you going about encoding the file out of AE?

          You should be selecting the "MPEG2 DVD" output module.

          Keep in mind, that, if you are going to DVD, a better procedure (to provide maximum quality) would be to render to the Animation codec first, and then compress (2-pass VBR encode) that prerenderd movie to mpeg2.

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            BrendanCharles Level 1

            Well that's the problem, I have been rendering in H.264 and the entire 25 minutes is about 4 gigs!  Even when rendering in Animation codec first and converting.


            The playback isn't on the computer but on a giant led screen.