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    Disjointed image rollover (newbie)

    motiondude Level 1

      Hi there, I'm trying to get my head wrapped around this but I can't figure out where I go wrong. Here's what I try to do. I'm building a navbar consisting of a sentence of 6 words (ai artwork) on a red background (in a separate layer folder). Each word gets 3 rollover states: up>white, over>red, down>black. Additional in the over state, each word gets a different picture behind the whole sentence, filling the whole page, which should onMouseOut return to the default red background.

      And this is where I am now. I made rollovers for each word and added those as symbols on a new page with the final dimension on frame 1. When I preview the rollovers everything just works fine. Then I've added the background images on frames 4-9. I have placed hotspots on the rollovers
      and added the behaviour swop image. For word1 I use the image on frame4, for word2 I use the image on frame5, etc being displayed in the segment that covers the whole page. But when I preview it's not working right:
      In the over state the background image works but the text disappears in red rectangles of the slices instead of 1 word in red (over state) and the rest in white (up state) or is not visible at all.

      I hope my explanation makes any sense. Obviously I hooked it up wrong but how can I fix this? I've searched for tutorials on this but couldn't find one.  Can someone drag me out of this mess? TIA!

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          JoyceEvans Level 3

          This is really difficult to pictue :-) But based on the remote rollover text you say you added hotspots. If you are really doing a remote rollover then only 1 slice/hotspot is used for all frames. All frames need to be the same size.


          I thought I made a movie but couldn't find it on my site. I did a search for remote rollovers and found a movie I did for DMX Zone :-)

          It's an older version of Fireworks but it still works the same way. Perhaps this will help. http://www.dmxzone.com/go?10440

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            motiondude Level 1

            Thanks Joyce,


            I've looked at that tutorial and as fas as I could watch it -no audio and the clip gets stuck around 1/3- it's about what I'm trying to get here. I came accross another tutorial and from what I've gathered it should be possible with 2 behaviours just on the slice only. I'll start messing with and report back as soon as I have something (almost) working.