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    Removing a server in ColdFusion Builder


      This may be a rather simple question, but why is it when I "delete server" in the "server" window, the server disappears until I restart ColdFusion Builder.  I can't for the life of me get the "delete" to stick.  The same server keeps coming back up on startup.


      I'm running Beta 2 on OS X (10.6.2)

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          Bhakti Pingale Level 2



          I am not able to see this issue. I can successfully delete a server and on relaunching Bolt I dont see it in the list.

          Could you check if your workspace has enough permissions, because if you don't then this could be the reason.



          Adobe CF Team

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            Ryan -


            I had the same problem the other evening.  DROVE ME NUTS!  I even uninstalled CF Builder and then reinstalled.  The server was still there!  What I did to remedy it, however, was fairly drastic.  I removed CF Builder.  I then went in with Internet Explorer and hand-deleted the CF Builder directory.  I then went throughout my entire User profile in Windows (under C:\Documents and Settings\{username}).  I deleted every directory I could find (most notably in the "Application Data" and "Local Settings" folders) which related to Adobe ColdFusion Builder or Eclipse (as CF Builder is built from Eclipse).


            I looked through my Windows Registry too, but I can't remember now if I found and/or deleted anything in there.  I think I did, but it was on one of my previous attempts at getting rid of the server before I finally started hand-deleting folders which I described above.  Either way, messing with the Registry is dangerous and did not produce any results because the server kept reappearing.


            So anyway - after clearing out the "Application Data" and "Local Settings" folders of CF Builder and Eclipse files and directories, I rebooted, reinstalled CF Builder and no more server reappearing!


            Hope this helps a little...


            R. J.