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    How do they get HD to look so good online?

    Paul R Stark Level 1

      Please have a look at the following links:






      These are examples of HD videos that seem to not only look good but run pretty smoothly even on a windows vista 32 bit 4gb laptop. I would like to use HD vids like these in a DVD curriculum project with live footage, but I also need to publish some sample promo clips on the website for folks to see.


      I realize these videos have little or no actual live footage--could that be why they run so well? I own the CS4 Master Collection, so I can export to FLV, but will it look and run the same as long as I am using HD live footage and/or HD stock footage?


      What would be the recommended HD resolution for the web? In this regard, can I shoot in 720i or 1080i and downgrade those when exporting so that they run better? Is that even a good idea?


      Can someone detail a recommended configuration, from camera shoot to export, that would get me a similar result when publishing a video online?