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    local link to enable Saba LMS content

      Hi, we are trying to prepare some existing RoboHelp content (RoboHelp 6, WebHelp output) to put into a "Saba Sandwich" - or wrapper - using Saba Publisher (essentially a version of Lectora) for use in our Saba LMS.

      Essentially, we are creating 3 pages:

      step 1 - a single page - created in Saba Publisher (user clicks to begin) - which links to the launch page of our RoboHelp project

      step 2 - at the end of the our RoboHelp project we are trying to link to a local file (see step 3)

      step 3 - a final page in Saba Publisher (user clicks to send a "completion" back to the LMS)

      What we are having difficulty with is linking from the RoboHelp project back to the step 3..

      The reason we say linking to a local file in step 2 is that we are copying the Webhelp output into another folder containing the rest of the 'wrapper' files for the LMS.

      We can't get the step 3 file to open from step 2 once we have them all dropped into the same folder....

      Anyone have any thoughts?