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    Windows 7 and CS 3


      Just got a new system with windows 7

      .  Got my cs 3 loaded, but when I go to try and open files located on my external

      hard drive cs3 will not even give me the option to go to that drive or any drive for that matter.  Any ideas?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          could be a generic problem with W7's file dialogs. Since file requesters are just Explorer windows of a kind, you may try the following workaround: Open a folder (a generic one, not a music or images folder) and set its view to List or detail view. Then choose Tools --> Folder Options from the menu and select to use the current settings for all folders. Once that has been assigend a global default, al lfile dialogs should respect it, but be aware that Vista and W7 differntiate folder types as I mentioned above, so you may need to repeat this a couple of times for the othe folder types as well. also, try to open files with doubleclick and drag&drop, then save them. Since AI remembers fiel paths for the last active documents, the next time yyou attempt to open something, you may be in a better starting place and the whole thing have been "unlocked" to function correctly.