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    FLex/Flash Zend webinar

    David_F57 Level 5

      This starts in about 10 minutes pacific time 9am



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          mewk Level 3

          hey david,


          thanks for the heads up. the flex team loves that employee app


          if you know more, keep us posted!


          - e

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            David_F57 Level 5

            Hi Mewk,


            heads up being the operative word, I setup the touch stuff yesterday at 8am, and played with it till 4am this morning as the webinar was on, the ai/catalyst/flex/php work flow was one of the tidiest presentations i've seen and is probably a recording i'll be pointing a few people to when its available. The little buy zend studio promo at the end was a little weak, maybe as a plugin to flashbuilder rather than the otherway around would have peaked my interest.


            Maybe this is a good time to plug flex facebook as this is usually the first instance of notification I get for a lot of these e/webinars