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    How to reveal vectors in PDF file.

    Nutriamix Level 1

      I've got a PDF file composed entirely of vector paths. Since the image was too large for the screen the document was saved as an 8.5x11" file, even though the remaining parts of the image are there. However, I can't seem to reveal them by deleting the clipping mask, even though another person can, using Illustrator CS2.


      As you can see in this Flash video: http://www.screentoaster.com/watch/stVUNSQEFIR1xXSVRZWFpfUVJT/cs, it takes them all of about 10 seconds to do, but when I try this, I don't get that result.


      Can someone describe in detailed, step-by-step instructions how to accomplish this same result? I need to know everything you do, including the tool and/or menu command you use for each step, and what should happen with each one.