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    Adobe Elements says 'gathering user info' for like 5-7 minutes?


      I been using Elements in some form for 5 versions and I know it's crap functionally and aesthetically but nothing else in the space is better, and this is the case with all the Adobe products I use like CS4 media design - can anyone tell me how to stop this app from sitting there gathering user info for 5-7 minutes on a 4GB, Quad Core i7, 2TB, Radeon 5850 - box every time I start the application? Thanks for any help.



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          Unfortunately, there's not enough info listed to give you an effective answer.


          Can you give more detailed system spec's.  There are a lot of differences in RAM, & Hard Drive Technologies.  Is your 2TB a single hard drive, or multiple drives in RAID?  While a single 2TB drive is nice for the storage capacity, they also sacrifice some performance to reach that capacity... What speed is the RAM, & I'm assuming it's properly opperating in Dual Channel mode (watch your POST screen to be sure).  Which Core i7 CPU are you running, & what Operating System are you running.   Finally, bring up your task manager, & see what processes are using CPU cycles.   Also, are you starting up PrE8 through the default shortcut which uses the Welcome screen?


          A quick guess is that Auto Analyzer & the Welcome screen are behind your troubles, but can't be sure till more info is available.


          There is a current thread about Auto Analyzer, & I've posted a way to bypass the Welcome screen in several threads. 


          See my post in this thread to bypass the Welcome screen http://forums.adobe.com/thread/516524 (2nd post in thread)


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