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    Preserving Auto Analyze tags.


      New user to Premier Elements and have V8.  Ran Auto Analyze on number of clips under general Catalogue in Organizer.  This has taken several days as each clip is 1 hr tape from Mini DV camera and each takes several hours be processed (AMD 3core Phenom with 4G ram & 500g SATA disk).


      Set up an new catalogue to put together several analyzed clips from one holiday but the taging & clip divisions showing in the main catalogue appears to have been removed.  The same files in the same directory with same name on the hard disk.  I want to avoid runnning  the analyser again on the 8 hrs worth of video or always have to use the main catalogue for all the projects that I will be doing over the next few months.


      Any ideas on how to manage this or how to preserve the tagging.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I believe that the tags are part of your catalog information and, if you rebuild your catalog, you also lose your old tags.

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            PFLDPOCAM Level 1


            Thanks for the reply.  Perhaps it is an enhancement that should be looked at.  It seems a real waste of time to have to analyse clips more than once  each time you want to create a new album. I would have thought it would be useful to have an option to save the tagged file as a new version or automatically create a tagged version that can be put into different albums.  I will have to think about what clips to put into the various albums and perhaps keep several copies of the same clip with in each album, which is a waste of disk space.


            Alternatively the tag data must be held somewhere together with its association to the clip, so could it possibly be copied across into the new album?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I'm sorry. I don't know.

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                PFLDPOCAM Level 1

                Hi Steve

                Ok thanks for your post and interest in this problem.  I will investigate the structure of the tagging files and see if there is anything to be discovered which may be of use.  I suppose that someone in Adobe reads the forum posts and may have an answer or think about this for future updates.


                I have reduced the time that Auto Analyze tagging takes on clips by deselecting all the filters, which then gives me what I wanted in the first place i.e.  scene detection only.  Once I have edited the raw clips and selected the scenes I want I can select the relevant Auto Analize filters of interest.


                Best regards