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    Flex Builder 2 for Mac

      Is there anywhere I can download the Flex Builder 2 for Mac OS X? All the references to the 2 has been removed since 3 has been released and, obviously, I can't download it from Adobe's website.

      FYI: The reason I need 2 is that 3 has a bug (feature removal?) that prevents the code below from functioning.

      Any help wold be appreciated.
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          slaingod Level 1
          An enterprising person shouldn't have too much difficulty finding FB2 from unofficial resources.
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            VarioPegged Level 2
            This may be a shot in the dark, but have you tried creating your service with an MXML tag instead of ActionScript?

            <mx:WebService id="service .... />

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              Comctrl6 Level 1
              I don't think there is a way to use MXML tag without defining the operations inline (inside the mx:WebService tag). If you of how to do so, please post an example. I'd be more than happy to know.
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                Garyl Woolworth Level 1
                I do not know how to write operations out of a WebService seeing how WebServices are not my forte I generally use RemoteObjects however after doing some research I was able to find this which might give some clue as to why it may have worked in FB2 and not FB3. It seems based upon the comment above the method is that writing your service within Actionscript may not trigger what is needed for it to write the operation to the array, which would be why it's returning empty. Instead of using mx.rpc.soap.WebService why not try and use mx.rpc.soap.mxml.WebService and see if creating your operations via that way registers the set operation?
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                  Comctrl6 Level 1
                  I read that comment as well and I appreciate your effort in helping me. However, using the MXML tag is just not an option in the class hierarchy of the app. Also specifying the operations in the tag or ActionScript would tightly couple the Flex app to the web service. This is problematic when developers add new methods to the web service.

                  Either way, I think we'll just have to hold up on upgrading to Flex 3. Thanks everyone for your help. I'm always open to new ideas, so if you know what is going on, please let me know.