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    Premiere Elements -Saving part of one hour video


      Imported from only VHS home movies into Premiere Elements 8 a one hour video. I would like to just flag a specific segments, such as minutes 4-8 and export that to a new avi file. After that I might want to export minutes 12-20, etc.


      To date I have been cutting and deleting everyting except what I want to save, saving that file, then importing the original file back into premiere and cutting and deleting everything except for what I want on the next file.


      Seems like way back when, I was able to save various segments of an open file, but not sure.


      Any help would be appreciated. Tried to ask adobe when searching for answers about Premiere 8 crashing so much, no problems with 7, but they refered me to Adobe.TV, where I did not find any answers. Maybe in tutorial, but not able to find it.


      Thanks in advance for any help