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    How do I display "Page $$ of $$" in a Captivate 4 project?

    shawninvancouver Level 2

      Hello everyone,


      Okay, I know that I can use a transparent text caption with "Page $$rdinfoCurrentSlide$$ of $$rdinfoSlideCount$$".


      The problems are:


      - I want this to be displayed in a very small font in the far right corner. Unfortunately, the variables are so big that I cannot place the text caption on the far right. Although using center justification and some spaces before this text, I can approximate the location I want this to display in.Unfortunately, even though the x/y coordinates are precise on every slide, the text moves around a bit from slide to slide.


        Is there a better way to FIX this text into a specific spot? i.e. a fixed x/y location placehold for each of these variables?

      - Oddly, it only begins counting on the first page it is displayed. In my lesson, this caption is placed on the second slide... but it displays Page 1 of 26. I suppose I could subtract 1 from $$rdinfoCurrentSlide$$.


      - What is the best way to copy this text caption to each page of my project?

        Must I really copy page to each individual page?


        If I select "Display for rest of Project" I cannot remove it from a few slides where it is not appropriate. It cannot be covered up either - because it will flash there for a very short moment... doesn't look good.


      Thank you for your advice!