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    Adobe After Effects problem

    Morriswald Level 1



      I have a problem with After effects cs4 in windows 7 64-bit , I just installed everyting on a new computer core i7 860 , seagate 1TB etc ,

      graphic-card nivida asus engtx275. When I import film-material and move the timeslider the viewport seems very unstable

      like some kind of vsync problem. When i render the material it looks fine? It seems like some video driver problem , but I am not sure.
      Anyone else with similar issue? Everyting else is working fine, so this issue is very annoying.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Have you tried the usual of turning off OpenGL/ removing the OpenGL plug-in? Also check other things like your visual theme and screen resolution. though I doubt it, it may still be possible that you are causing a misconfiguration that exhausts your hardware acceleration resources. As a last thing, if you work with compressed sources (AVCHD etc.), it would be important to configure the Media Cache correctly and from time to time manually flush it. AE does not take care of the latetr and the cache is persistent, yet "bad" conform files have been known to cause the weirdest problems. In addition, be aware that AE simply doesn't handle some flavors of AVCHD and sikmilar formats correctly. in that case, no matter what you try, it will always be messy (until the next patch or CS5, that is).



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            Morriswald Level 1

            Thank you very much for your answer. I have tried almost everything and the strange "tearing" or vsync will not dissapear.
            It may be my videocard. I have a feeling that nvidia gtx 275 isnt the best card for application such as after effects.


            I am considering buying another card like the ati radeon 4890 and hopfully it will solve the issue.
            I am not on a very high budget and want to do some gaming also, which videocard would you recommend

            for after effects cs4?


            (Maybe it is better to stick with open gl 2.0 cards? The one I got right now (275) is open gl 3.0)


            Thank you again.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              OpenGL is backward compatible, so the actual driver support for a specific language level shouldn't have any ill effects - the card just chews on what it gets send and requested by programs via the driver and translates it to all those little transistor switches flipping. no need to worry about that. At worst, AE might not recognize the card, but even then you'd still have conventional software-only drawing modes available. on a reasonably fast processor the difference is neglectable, anyway. See my reply to your otehr thread for one more thought and let's try to sort out things there....



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