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    How to make hyperlink


      I have found a AppleScript where is this code



      on makeHyperLink(theBox, TheName, TheLink)


          tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"


              tell document 1


                  set theHyperlinkSource to make hyperlink page item source with properties {source page item:theBox}


                  set theExternalPageDestination to make hyperlink external page destination with properties {document path:TheLink, destination page index:1, view setting:fit height}


                  set theHyperlink to make new hyperlink with properties {source:theHyperlinkSource, visible:true, highlight:invert, name:TheName, destination:theExternalPageDestination}


              end tell


          end tell


      end makeHyperLink



      But I doesnt work in Acrobat. French version of the error message is "Une erreur est survenue lors de l'exécution d'une action. Objet action erroné."

      And in InDesign this is not the right icon in the hyperlink palette


      I try "hyperlink page destination" and not "make hyperlink external page destination"

      The icon change in the hyperlink palette but it is  not a URL icon (earth icon)


      So how to create a URL hyperlink a associate ot to a text box?