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    Change source for Data/Services

    Sam Farmer

      I have an AIR application built partially using the services set up in the Data/Service tab built on my local machine.


      Now I'm ready to deploy to production.  How do I switch the destinations to production servers before building the release build?


      The server is ColdFusion 9 if that matters.

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          SunilAdobe Adobe Employee

          I believe the endpoint url would be filled up in the case of AIR applications and hence the generated file would have to be modified, but not recommended (however for web applications, it would not be the case), so this is a limitation when targeting AIR, the solution is to, read the endpoint from a configuration file (it could be the services config xml itself and override the constructor of the _super* file and fill the endpoint)


          Pls. file a bug for better support for switching to release build, without having to do this.