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    Problem with Seek and RTMPPosteFrameElement


      I am having difficulties seeking a serial element, and I believe it's because we removed the Temporal trait inside the RTMPPosterFrameElement.  When I comment out that code, the posterframe does not pause but the serial element seeks fine. Otherwise, the posterframe works as it should, but the serial element does not seek (even though it says it is seekable). I'm just looking for a bit of direction here ...


      Thank you

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          This looks like a bug.  Looks like SerialSeekableTrait.prepareSeekOperationInfo indicates that you can't do the seek, because it fails to take into account that the SerialElement might have non-seekable children (which is what the poster frame is) when calculating curChildIndex.  An ugly workaround would be to add an additional VideoElement to SerialElement (although then you could only seek within the first video, so it's not really a sustainable workaround).


          Can you file a bug for this?

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            tyjohnston Level 1



            I really appreciate the prompt response, even though it seems as though it's a bug.  Maybe, for the time being I can just use the RTMPPosterFrameElement I developed when we were initially looking for a solution.


            I'll file a bug right away.


            Thanks again!