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    Help! Color Shift from Illustrator to Catalyst


      I am creating my UI in cs4 Illustrator (color mode rgb) and when they import into Catalyst Beta2 there is a significant color shift. Some look like the saturation has been cut i half, others look like the blue saturation has been cut in half.  I'm working on a mac G5 laptop but we checked on a pc and it looks the same. Any ideas?

      Thank you!

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          You will need to adjust the color management settings in Illustrator to match Catalyst. Here are the steps


          In Illustrator:

          1. Enable proof colors ( View > Proof Colors )

          2. Choose "Macintosh RGB" or "Windows RGB" from View > Proof Setup


          For a video with some information on this go to the 27 min mark in this video:

          http://tv.adobe.com/watch/max-2009-design/structuring-ui-design-comps-for-use-in-flash-cat alyst



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            amber1515 Level 1

            Thanks so much Ty!

            We tried your solution and it worked on the pc but not my mac G5.

            When I select the proof colors/proof setup/mac rgb and then save my file and then reopen it again those selections are no longer selected.

            And when I import this file into catalythe color is still desaturated.

            Could it be a problem with cs4?

            Thanks so much!!

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              Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

              Instead of proofing to Macintosh RGB, try proofing to Monitor RGB on your mac. Let us know how that goes.

              Also, what Color Settings file are you using in Illustrator (Edit>Color Settings)?



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                amber1515 Level 1

                I tried all 3 Monitor settings -both mac and monitor desaturate my ai file. The windows maintains the saturation but none maintain any saturation in Catalyst.  I even tried saving as an fxg file (with rasterized images) and still no saturation in Catalyst.

                The strange thing is that the proof settings are not selected when I open the file again but they are on the pc.

                My color settings are the default:

                North America General Purpose2


                WORKING SPACES - sRGB IEC61966-2.1

                CMYK-U.S. Coated (SWOP) v2


                COLOR MANAGEMENT -

                RGB- preserve embedded Profiles

                CMYK-Preserve Numbers (Ignore Linked Profiles)


                Thanks for your help!

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                  Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

                  The color desaturation on your Mac when you hit proof colors in Illustrator to either of those options (Macintosh RGB or Monitor RGB) is expected. With the default North American General Purpose color settings file, Illustrator displays the color in all of your files using sRGB. sRGB has a gamma of 2.1, while the Mac proofing spaces have gammas of 1.8. Less gamma is akin to less contrast and often lower levels of saturation in bright colors.


                  Note, the above holds true in OS X 10.5 and earlier. In 10.6, Apple chose to move the default Mac color space to one that uses a gamma of 2.2. Windows XP and Vista also display color in a space with the higher 2.1 and 2.2 gammas.


                  Illustrator's proof settings themselves don't modify any colors in your files (and thus are not meant to be saved with a file). They only modify how Illustrator displays the color. A red box with the color set as R=255, G=0, B=0 will always have those numbers assigned to it, regardless of what your proof color setup is.


                  The upshot is: Catalyst and the Flash Player display color via the system's monitor profile – which is why on the Mac with a gamma of 1.8, colors look less saturated. Both when you proof them in AI to Monitor RGB, and when you import them into Catalyst.


                  You could switch your color settings file to Monitor Color and then new artwork created in Illustrator will match in appearance when imported into Catalyst. However saturated colors will look even darker and more saturated when a resulting SWF is displayed on PCs.


                  I wish I could say there's an easy fix, but this is a problem with a long track record. Folks who work with Flash Pro are in the same boat when importing Illustrator files. One reassurance I can offer though: by sticking with the North American General Purpose settings in AI, even if the colors look desaturated in Catalyst, what the rest of the world will see when running your resulting SWF will most often be the same as what you saw in Illustrator (w/out proofing) – because PCs display color with the higher gamma, and soon many Macs will too.


                  Color management on the artboard is something that was discussed for Catalyst 1.0. Although we won't have a proof colors option this time around, we've got it on our radar for next time.

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                    amber1515 Level 1

                    You guys are awesome!  Thanks for all the help.  I switched the gamma on my mac to 2.2 and already I can see an improvement.  The app we're building will be used almost 90% on pc's anyway. Thanks for your in-depth explanation, it helped me adjust things on my end - as a designer it drives me crazy if I can't ensure a perfect build.