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    Design ecover?

    HDDesigns Level 1



      Where can I find step by step instructions to design an ecover using Fireworks?

      I've done extensive searches in Google but only find Photoshop Tutorials.



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          Michel Bozgounov Level 2

          If you mean, "use graphic tools to create a graphic design with Fireworks" this should be not much different from Photoshop. I don't know what's an e-cover (ecover?) though, so I can't help you in this issue specifically.


          As to tutorials, there are many tutorials about Fireworks and how you can best use its tools, so I hope you'll find what you need...

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            HDDesigns Level 1

            Thanks for your feedback..I was referring to an ebook cover.

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              Michel Bozgounov Level 2

              ebook, like.... PDF electronic book?


              You can use Fireworks for that. Fireworks is a screen graphic design application, so for an e-book, it should be easy and appropriate to be used.


              If you plan to create design for print, then Fireworks is not your tool of choice -- better use Illustrator in this case (Illustrator and Photoshop support CMYK color formats, while Fireworks supports only RGB/RGBa, which means, this is not a tool to be used for print.)


              If the ebook will be used on screen only, or mostly on screen, then Fireworks can do the job easily.


              Simply create a new PNG document in Fireworks, with the right dimensions, and start creating the design in it. There are a lot of tutorials which deal with how to use Fireworks for all kinds of basic and more advanced design tasks!


              Hope this helps?

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                HDDesigns Level 1

                Thanks...see the attached file for my first attempt

                based on a simple Photoshop tutorial however I'm

                not entirely happy with it because the inside of the

                book is not prefect and I couldn't figure out how to make

                shadows (apart from drop shadow).


                I'm still looking for a step by step tutorial to

                design an ecover graphic using FW.