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    CS4 "play-stop" button not working


      OK hope someone might be able to help - I am trying to get CS4 working on my partners machine which is a Sony Vaio VGN-AR49G – specs here - http://vaio-online.sony.com/prod_info/vgn-ar49g/vgn-ar49g.pdf


      A bit of history...

      Recently installed Premier Pro CS4 on vista (Running CS3 previously on vista with no issues). 

      Running CS4 within days started to have conflicts between AVCHD and DV when editing in the same timeline – were recommended to upgrade to Windows 7.  Upgraded to Win 7 32 bit.  This is the course of action:

      - After upgrading from Vista to Win 7 32 bit, got the Win 7 updates;

      - Upgraded some drivers (used Driver Robot to detect driver updates required);

      - Uninstalled CS4 suite and reinstalled;

      - Downloaded CS4 upgrades…


      Things seem to be running properly now except the "play-stop" button (or space bar) in both the "Source" & "Program Sequence" Screens doesn't work.   Can scroll by moving the bar along the timeline, select in and out points etc… OK, but movie won’t play in source screen or program screen. 


      Have checked WAV, AVI, AVCHD … none will play.

      Closed Premier Pro and open Premier Elements on the same machine and it is functioning fine – can play the same footage…

      I’ve updated all drivers which Driver Robot seemed to think needed upgrading EXCEPT Intel ICH8 Family .. the upgrade failed and I haven’t been able to locate more up to date drivers on the web .. and found a note on my travels that these don’t need upgrading anyway. 

      http://communities.intel.com/message/72149;jsessionid=6169690E70B02BD075E4C1131A7ACC85.nod e5COMS


      Help please!