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    pp- mac- crashing when playing back a title


      Hi, Premiere Pro 4.2 is crashing semi regularly when I'm trying to play back video that has a title.  It does it with different fonts, not just one.  I've tried removing fonts, I've tried having premiere make a new project with the footage from the project manager, i've tried restarting, i've tried it on a fresh install (which I was planning to do anyway) of 10.6.2 with 4.2, (and no extra fonts added other than what apple and what Adobe installed)


      both setups have final cut as well installed, but not running.  I've also seen in the activity monitor (on the original 10.5.8 setup) that the photoshopserver isnt responding)  Any ideas here? please help! 


      **(updated- I have removed all but the 50 system fonts, it is crashing when playing back un-rendered titles no matter what font I use. )


      Please see the attached crash log w/ info.- thanks -andy