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    Messy renders


      Sorry if this is the wrong place i didnt see any where else.When i render a comp from after effects  for some reason the out come becoems un viewable. It becomes very jittery almost like it was playing inconsistantly at 2 to 10 fps. When I ram preview its fine its just when I render. I tried to see if it where due to the facts it had alot of effects so i imported a simple 5 second video clip SD footage  and  rendered it straight away and the same keeps happening. I know my comp doesnt have the best specs but  surely it doesnt  matter much just it just would incease the rendering times by a lot i just dont see whats going wrong.


      Can any one shed any light on the subject.



      P.s I think it might be my rendr settings i turned off multi core processing  and i have  two 1.6ghz cores but only 2gig  in total and in the help section it says for multicore you should be using 2gb ram per core. Is that right. And  for my last point is their a way if it is my hardware causing the trouble to make render takes more memory and processing consuming and longer  but in exchange for good quaity videos.

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You haven't told us anything about your output files.  Please advise the:


          Composition resolution & framerate  (ie 720x576 PAL, 25fps)

          Output file type and codec (ie Quicktime Animation)

          File duration and size (ie 30 secs, 1.2Gb)


          It sounds like you're rendering files that are lossless or uncompressed, but your hard drive is not capable of playing files that are so large - thus, playback stutters as the drive struggles to read the data quickly enough.  If that's the case, your renders are probably fine, just not playing smooothly.  Try converting your render to a more appropriate format (like Quicktime H.264, PhotoJPEG, or even DV) for preview purposes.

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            jimmy2x4 Level 1

            Sorry well i did a test it was at 640 x 480 at 16 fps. The output file is .avi. and  it was a 1 30 min file that is 2 gig.


            And ok thankyou for  that ill have a try later

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              As Andrew said - uncompressed files based on the default Lossless module always stutter in one way or the other. Your info seems to confirm that. For desktop playback, e.g. a WMV file would be much mure appropriate. If you want to further process your video in another program, your uncompressed file is of course okay, but you may consider other options like Quicktime Animation or PNG to reduce file size. And of course check the files in the target program then, not just on your desktop. Even those losslessly compressed formats will not play smoothly under any condition.