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    AcroPDF.dll crash systematicaly when pressing TAB in any PDF

    Tournieux Level 1

      I am using the Acrobat ActiveX (AcoPDF.dll) for viewing PDF documents.

      When a PDF is displayed, pressing TAB key several times makes the document to scroll to the end of document.

      If I press TAB again, then the application crash.

      This happens with all PDF.


      My application is written in C++, but I did a try with the sample (AcrobatActiveXVB) provided in the SDK (9.1), witthout any modification.

      The result is the same.


      Does any body has experienced the same ? Is there a way to prevent AcroPDF to crash.

      Considering that it happens systematicly, the Reader 9 activex can not be used to display PDF.


      By the way, I did a try with the Reader 8 activeX and it worked fine without crash.


      Thanks for your help.