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    RGB Values & Powerpoint


      Hi, this may be too basic of a question for this forum, but for a particular Kuler scheme I would like to know the RGB values for each of the colors. My intent is to manually apply certain colors to elements in a power point presentation.

      So, help displaying RGB codes would be appreciated. And/if anyone has any tips getting the colors into powerpoint I could use the help.



      Scott A.

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          If you were to have Adobe Photoshop or illistrator or even one of the suites you could get these values.  There are so many of them we are talking million  in an 8 bit image.  Now if you were to just want your basic red green and blue values there are millions.  The other thing is how they are applied in Power point.  I reccomend you visit kuhler for all the pantone colors.  Then visit Lynda.com on color correction and working with color.  They all start with the basic break down of how RGB applied.  This is cool what you are studying and think if you visit the two places mentioned especially working with color in photoshop it will show you the theory your looking for and how you could demonstrate it in another program.  Then Calibration is huge to make your numbers look like the color you want to represent.  I hope this helps you I have delved into that subject quite a bit lately and when you demonstrate your values make sure your monitor is calibrated so that when you play power point your values and colors are good.  There are monitor calibrators on the net and you may have one on your computer for your monitor.  I used the Color Munki that calibrates my printer and monitor.  It displays well in accross all my applications.

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            perhaps you try my Kolor Theme Wizard (see my post) for your purpose. If you know the Kuler theme ID you can download an PPTX file straight away with the colors already configured as accent colors.



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              Following the rss API the html based hex codes can be extracted from the "summary" feild and converted to their 255 indexed values.

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                You should be able to see the RGB values of Kuler Themes by clicking on the color value slider icon according to the theme. Right on the Kuler site.