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    Loading Pipes In Flash

    danwize Level 1

      As I understand it, flash only allows two pipes for loading external data at a time.  Is that true?  Also, according to what I was told at Max, flash automatically adds items to a queue when you load more than two things at a time.  If that is true, I'm confused because I'm loading an audio file.  It starts loading, then I load various gifs right after that.  I loop through an array and just start loading all of them.  What is strange is even though the audio is started loading first, the other files finish before the audio.  I guess if Flash does only open two pipes at a time, it adds items to a stack instead of a queue. 


      I've also heard that opening more than two pipes at a time hits download performance hard in Flash.  What I'm really trying to figure out is, should I handle trying to load only two items at a time for better performance?  Or does Flash handle that and I don't need to worry about it?