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    Please Help Me Out? (Flash CS3 Shape Problem)


      I am A Beginner in Adobe Flash CS3
      Now, i make a fla (Flash Document) file.
      say, there is a bitmap (image) in the asset/Library (imported).
      I create a shape with that image. (fill type as bitmap).
      Now. what i want, i want to change that shape bitmap in run time using external image file (jpeg) file. I can load and change images of movie clip. But i don't want that. I want to change the bitmap of a shape (graphic symbol) by loading an external file (image file ex.jpeg)  and also want to keep aspect ratio. (say my shape size is 800X600 px and i want to load 1486x1020px image in that shape. So, it will keep aspect ratio and resize to 800x600.
      could anybody help me out..


      ****Pleaese At least give me a suggestton or Feedback****


      Thanks ....