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    Audio Problems with PE8


      I just purchased PE8 and it arrived yesterday, I ordered the actual hard copy, not a online download. I installed in on my computer, I have a Dell XPS, XP professional, with a 1TB hard drive and 4GB of RAM, a Nvidia GeForce 8800, a Realtek high definition sound card, and I have been pulling out my hair since I installed the program.


      It installed fine, absolutly no problems and it all went smoothly. After installation I opened up the program and began playing with it, just to get a feel for how it works. The first thing I noticed was when I began rendering the video the rendering time was extremely slooooooow, taking at least twice as long as the actual length of the video to render. When in every other program I have to render video takes 1/2 the time of the actual video play time. I used one of the "instant movie" features for this test run and I was curious as to how it would look, so I opened it up to watch, after 30 seconds the audio went out. Curious about it, I stopped it and tried again, I hit play and went to the middle of the video, the audio again played for 30 seconds, and stopped. I stopped it again and tried it in every other video player I had, and it was the exact same thing, 30 seconds of audio then nothing. I even tried randomly moving through the video and it would play audio wherever I stopped, but only for 30 total seconds, then nothing.


      I then pulled up a different video clip I had that had been rendered in a different program (PowerDirector) and it ran all the way through with no audio problems. I then went back to PE8 and found an MPEG2 video clip (the previous on had been an AVI that I converted to an MPEG2) and rendered it as an MPEG2, and the same thing happened. I then took that clip and opened it up in Video Explosion (an older but very reliable video editor) and while the video would show up, the audio was not there. So I closed out of that program and opened up PowerDirector, and both audio and video showed up, I re-rendered it in that program and the audio played all the way through on all my video players. Took it back to PE8, rendered it again, same thing, no audio after 30 seconds.


      Out of curiosity I then opened an AVI file and rendered as an AVI file, and low and behold...audio! throughout the entire video clip. I then did the same thing with both an MPEG2 file and an MOD file, as an AVI it would play audio throughout the video on any player in my computer. (interesting side-note: in Video Explosion, it has never supported AVI files, it will display the audio portion, but the not video. I pulled up the AVI file I had made with PE8 and the whole thing displayed! it played both audio and video for the whole clip without a problem...weird).


      Any suggestions on how this might be fixed anyone?


      P.S. also...if anyone knows the link address for the PE8 tutorial that would be great too! The computer I have it installed on doesn't have internet access (done deliberately) so I can't access the tutorials, and I have no idea how to figure out how to do anything on there but by trial and error, and it's mostly error and cussing right now.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There could be a number of things going on. I'm not clear on how fast your processor is or if you're working on a laptop, but those could be issues also. (I certainly would not recommend trying to run this program on less than a dual-core processor.)


          The fact that your computer isn't hooked up to the internet also concerns me. There are a number of operating system, firmware and Quicktime updates that are very important to running this program efficiently.


          Meantime, there are a couple of background processes I recommend turning off in the FAQs to the right of this forum. They'll make things run a bit smoother.



          And this FAQ describes how I've found success with the program.



          You don't say where your source video is coming from, other than it is an MPEG and an AVI, but those are likely the largest factors in your performance problems. As it is, it sounds as though you're having to render every time you add a clip to your timeline. If you're matching your project settings with your video source files, you shouldn't have to render at all, unless you're adding effects to your clips.


          DV-AVIs -- that's video captured over Firewire from a miniDV camcorder -- is your ideal format for editing with this program. Tape-based HDV will also work very efficiently, if you've got your project set up properly. AVCHD will also work -- but it requires a very, very fast computer to work with successfully.


          As for training, I'm actually working on a series of "basic training with Premiere Elements" tutorials for http://Muvipix.com. But they won't be posted until early next month. Meantime, you may want to check out the products page on that. There are dozens of free tutorials and articles on how to use the program as well as lots of great stock footage, motion backgrounds, licensed music and DVD templates. There is even more available if you buy a low-cost annual subscription.


          And I've also got a number of books available at the Muvipix store. My two most recent books cover Premiere Elements 8 and the Premiere Elements/Photoshop Elements 8 package respectively. They'll definitely save you a lot of cursing!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I would first suspect the source media files. As Steve points out, the extensions are but "wrappers," and much can be contained within those. This ARTICLE will give you some of the background, and show you how to tell what is inside the wrapper.


            That would be where I would start, and good luck,



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              This ARTICLE will give you tips on setting up your computer for an editing session. Steve mentions that many other programs can conflict. Many programs and Processes can also steal resources from your editing program, and are totally unnecessary.


              Good luck,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                This ARTICLE will give you some ideas of the types of info that can help others to remotely diagnose your problem. This info can be very useful to finding causes to problems.


                Good luck,



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                  OhGoodGod! Level 1

                  I have a Dell XPS desktop....with Windows XP Professional, Version 2002 Service Pack 2. I have Intel 2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz and 4 GB of Ram, I have 1TB of hard drive, with a Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT, Legacy audio and video device and Realtek high definition audio. For connection to outside devices I have IEEE 1394 firewire, as well as your standard USB ports, HDMI ports and S-video ports. I have dual monitors as well, if that makes a difference.


                  I am not rendering video until I am done with the whole thing and I want to watch it outside the program and have been processing it in a MPEG-2 format. I get 30 seconds of audio and then nothing. Any video created in any other program that I had prior to this runs audio no problem, if I take the video I created in PE8 and re-render it in any other video program I have then I have full audio, if I format as an AVI in PE8 I have audio, but only as an AVI will this occur.


                  Also, as far as putting it on line...I update as needed by finding the updates manually and updating, my computer runs fine and far better than most peoples who run the internet. I don't want any chance of hackers or any other bad thing to happen on this computer, so the easiest solution is just eliminate the problem completely...i.e. don't connect to the internet. I do have certain safeguards on this computer, but as of yet I have never once had any problem with any other program or process that I've ever run on this computer up until I bought and installed PE8.

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                    OhGoodGod! Level 1

                    Opps, forgot...


                    I had all the videos I was working with already downloaded onto my computer, they weren't pulled from anywhere but my C drive. I tried 3 different original formats, AVI, MPEG-2, and MOD and converted each of them to MPEG-2 all had the 30 second sound problem. But if I took any of those formats and rendered them as AVI files, then no audio problems, or I can take those same MPEG-2 files with the audio cutout problem and rendered them again as a MPEG-2 file in one of the other editing programs I have and the sound will run with no problem. 


                    I have multiple options on my computer on what and how I download any number of video sources, I can download VHS, DVD, mini-DV, mini-tape, camcorder HD, and direct from TV, if I hook that one up (I usually don't). I can also download any number of photo formats, as well upload photo slides and old photographs with a very nice ICE system. My computer is set up and designed to work with video formats, editing equipment and software, I had it specially designed to do so. When I turn on my computer is looks like a Cylon coming to life and just about as powerful.


                    After the holidays I'm planning on upgrading my computer by doubling the RAM and the hard drive, and I had it designed so that I could bring it up to 16GB of RAM and hold up to 10TB on my C drive, which I will eventually do.


                    I've already turned off the background rendering program that is part of the PE8 software, and now my computer is back to running at full speed. I also (just to make sure this wasn't the problem) went online with my laptop found any new updates needed for my main computer and uploaded and installed them, so it is up to date and running smoothly...so it is not my computer...it has to be something with the program...which I am hoping I can eventually get fixed.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9
                      I tried 3 different original formats, AVI, MPEG-2, and MOD and converted each of them to MPEG-2 all had the 30 second sound problem.


                      Muxed MPEG Audio can be a big problem, even the MPEG-1, Layer II Audio.


                      I'd look at your original source files in AVI format first. What are the specs of these .AVI files? The extensions, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, etc. are but "wrappers," and almost anything can be contained therein. This ARTICLE will give you some background, and will also tell you how to get the full details inside those wrappers, both the Audio and the Video.


                      Ideally, for SD material, DV-AVI Type II is the best choice that you can make, with 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio. Those should not give you any problems.


                      Let us know about these particular .AVI files and we'll be glad to step you through converting them to DV-AVI Type II files that should work fine in PrE.


                      Good luck,



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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        If you're getting 30 seconds of audio and then nothing, there's a good chance you haven't let the program fully conform your MPEG. Be patient and let the program do its thing with the file. Depending on how long the project is and how standard the MPEG formating it, it could take several minutes.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Yes, the Conforming of Audio, especially from muxed MPEG Audio, can take a long time. There is a progress bar in the lower-right of the editing screen, below the Timeline. It has a blue bar, and one should wait until this disappears. Just go get a cup of coffee (decaf) and when you get back, it should have completed, depending on the Duration and the speed of your computer.


                          Good one Steve!



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                            OhGoodGod! Level 1

                            Okay...maybe I'm not being clear in what is going on here with my audio.


                            I take a video clip, from the C drive in my computer (where all my video clips live in the land of Video Folder in My Documents), I then import it into PE8. Once it is imported, I take it over to the timeline and do "whatever" to it, trim it, clean up the video, you know the whatevers of video editing.


                            I then go over to the (I believe its called, I don't have the program open right now) Share tab and choose "Save to file" I then pick MPEG-2 format, give it a name and hit save (I believe it is save, maybe it's continue). It then does it thing....lalalalala...(waiting for it to do its thing). It then tells me finished, or done or something like that.


                            I then go over to the land of My Video and click on the new video I have just made, up it pops (whoo-hoo for me) in Windows Media or whatever program I have chosen to watch it in, I have several to choose from, and I start watching what I made, and everything is great...for 30 seconds. And then....the audio goes out. I can then, if I choose, remove the video from my player and then bring it back and start it again, I can then move the cursor to another section of video (say in the middle of it) and again, the audio will run for....30 seconds....then no more audio. No matter how I move around the video, randomly picking and playing a section of video it will play for only 30 seconds, then quit.


                            It's not my sound card, any other video in my computer runs with audio all the way through without a problem. It's not my video players, because again, it will play audio all the way through with any other video clip I have on my computer without a problem. It is ONLY a video made in PE8 as a MPEG-2 that I have the problem with. Perhaps there is a conflict between my system and PE8, perhaps it's a glitch in the programming of the PE8,  perhaps PE8 hates me and this is it's way of getting even with me for all I know... but I do know that the MPEG-2 videos won't play more than 30 seconds of audio if they were created in PE8.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9
                              I take a video clip, from the C drive in my computer (where all my video clips live in the land of Video Folder in My Documents)


                              What are the specs.on these Video Clips?


                              If you have waited for the Conforming to complete, let's look at the source files in detail. The more detail the better.


                              Good luck,



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                                OhGoodGod! Level 1

                                Good God I don't know!


                                They come from VHS tapes and every camera I have had since I went to digital from Fuji, Kodak, Olympus and Canon, they come from my Canon mini-DV's and from my JVC MOD downloads, they come from DVD's I have copied from other places (all dealing with home video in case your wondering, that's what I do, take peoples home movies and turn them into something special), I even think I have some video from cells phones on there as well, they come in every form, every format and almost any source you can image. They have been downloaded direct from SDHD cards and from firewire, USB ports and disk. I have used everything from Video Explosion, Sonic, Nero, Pinnacle, Windows Media player, and 3 different versions of Cyberlink PowerDirector. They have been scanned in, downloaded, transferred and direct dialed for all I know, from every source probably out there, from whatever source people give me to work with.


                                No matter the source, no matter the file type, no matter how it got there and what is was before I uploaded it to PE8, they all do the same thing...after turning it into a MPEG-2 movie in PE8...they all cut out after 30 seconds. I can make them AVI movies in PE8 and they run audio all the way through, and I haven't tried any of the other formats (since mostly I wouldn't have any use for them) but I know that after turning a video clip into a movie in PE8 as an MPEG-2 no audio after 30 seconds, but if made into an AVI movie...no sound problem. The audio track is there...I can see it in other editing programs, and I take that same movie file with no audio after 30 seconds and just re-render it in one of the other programs I have (doing nothing more than uploading the video into another program and then hit save/render/convert or another other name that editor uses for "make movie") and the audio will work just fine.


                                (and I never drink decaf, diet or use pretend sugar....either it's the real thing or what's the point? )

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  I'm sorry, but without the details of the AV files, it's only a wild guess.


                                  Let's take one, that you know is not doing well, and explore it.


                                  There could be dozens of issues, but rather than guessing which one it is, let's narrow things down.


                                  Good luck,



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                                    OhGoodGod! Level 1

                                    Okay, I pulled up one of the video clips I keep on  my laptop, it's an AVI file, from a Canon SLR5, It's 640x480 in video size, the frame rate is 30 frames/second, data rate is 18839kbps, and total bitrate is 20250kbps.


                                    I would just like to say though, I doubt very much it is an issue with my videos, I believe this is an issue with my program. I have never had a problem with any of these videos, or any of my photos or any other media I have chosen to use on my computer in any other editing program, ever. I can pull them up, watch them, edit them, resize them or burn them to disk...all without a problem.


                                    I have been editing videos for over 4 years now, on a variety of programs and I choose PE8 because it seemed to give me the best mix of nice bells & whistles combined with it not being a fully auto process, where I could maintain manual control over what was going on in the video or so it seemed when I looked over the program before buying it. My guess is that somewhere, within PE8 I just need to "flip a switch" so to speak to make it work, just like when I purchased my lightscribe, it wouldn't let me burn the laser images until I opened up the control panel and changed a single number to a "1" and now it works fine.


                                    I appreciate everyone's help...but while everyone seems to think it's my video clips that is the problem, I don't think that will solve my problem since I am sure it is the program, not the video source. I can limp around the problem right now by after creating the video in PE8 taking it to one of my other programs and re-render it. But honestly, I was hoping that I could just make the program work as it supposed to, without having to use my other editing software to do so.

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                                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                      It looks like Hunt and I have been calling it right all along! The problem is your source video.


                                      Premiere Elements runs deep but it also runs narrow. You can do a lot with it -- but it only works well with a narrow range of video formats.


                                      I couldn't find specs on a camera called the Canon SLR5 (maybe there's more to the model number) but it's likely the video from it is either a form of MOV or an AVI using the MJPEG codec. Either needs to be converted in order for you to edit it in Premiere Elements and successfully output your video.


                                      Which suffix does the file have? AVI or MOV?


                                      It also is possible, as we indicated earlier, that you have not allowed the program to fully conform the file before you started your Share. That too could explain why you only have a portion of the audio.

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        There is a great little freeware AV utility, G-Spot. Download, install it, and run that .AVI file through it. You will get complete details about your file, Video, Audio and full CODEC info for both. That info will likely hold the key.


                                        For some background on AVI files, and how they are but "wrappers," see this ARTICLE.


                                        With the info from G-Spot, someone will likely be able to direct you how to proceed to successfully edit your file(s) in PrE.


                                        Good luck,



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                                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                                          If the file IS MJPEG, the installation of either the Morgan, or MainConcept MJPEG CODEC should allow the program to handle the MJPEG footage fine. Before one jumps and gets the MJPEG CODEC, it would be best to run the file(s) through G-Spot first. That will tell them just what is in the file, and others can suggest the road to success.


                                          Good luck,



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                                            OhGoodGod! Level 1

                                            HA HA HA  HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                            I was RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                            It is NOT my video source file!

                                            It is NOT my computer!

                                            It is NOT my updates!

                                            It is NOT that my computer is not powerful enough!


                                            It IS however, as I thought something really quite simple in the PE8 software itself!!!!

                                            So, if anyone else is having a problem with audio running when making a MPEG video, here's how you fix it.


                                            Go to SHARE

                                            Click on MPEG as your format

                                            Give it a file name

                                            THEN....click on ADVANCED

                                            Go to AUDIO

                                            Then change your audio format to MPEG

                                            Click OK

                                            Then click on SAVE


                                            and voila!!! you now have a video in an MPEG format that plays the audio all the way through......


                                            Whoo Hoo for me!!!

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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                              Glad that you got it sorted out.


                                              Out of curiosity, what was your original Export, that was giving you only the 30 sec. of Audio. Others might be able to learn from the work that you did.





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                                                OhGoodGod! Level 1

                                                As I stated throughout, it was an MPEG-2 file. I was using the factory presets, all I had done was upload the video (AVI, MPEG2, MOD) into PE8, and then went to SHARE and then clicked on computer, when asked where I wanted the video to go, I then picked MPEG as the format, gave it a name and then hit save. That's it, all factory presets.


                                                In my above post is how I fixed it. It's step-by-step and clear on how to fix the problem.


                                                Later, after I have played with this program I will try burning it with different audio formats to see if it makes any difference. I will state this, the PE8 program needed a lot more debugging before it was released. I can see the potential of this program, but jumping through the hoops to make it work doesn't endear it to my heart, or make me happy with Adobe for being more concerned with getting it out there to make money than they were with making sure it worked as advertised. Almost every post I have seen in this forum all seems to point to the same thing, it needed more testing, it needed a few more beta runs with testers, and they should have made sure that the systems, video formats and photo type that it states it can support...it really can support.


                                                I did not use a single format that PE8 didn't say it could support, and if I understand correctly from another post there are size limits on the photos that can be imported...which is utterly ridiculous...I have never heard of such a thing, I have an older video program and it has never had a problem with any size photo or limited my ability to manipulate them. You've posted that this program runs deep, but narrow in it's ability to work with video....if that is the case then Adobe shouldn't tout it as the end all and be all of any format...because I looked over that list before purchase to make sure it would support all the video formats I had.


                                                It does do some nifty things, and I am now beginning to explore what it can do. There are many things I do not like about it, and feel that Adobe could have made them much more streamlined and not so cumbersome, but it does have some bells & whistles that are quite nice. Overall I'd rate this system as a "C". It ain't great, but if you can make it work, it does some cool stuff.

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                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                  if I understand correctly from another post there are size limits on the photos that can be imported...which is utterly ridiculous...I have never heard of such a thing, I have an older video program and it has never had a problem with any size photo or limited my ability to manipulate them.


                                                  The size of the image in Video is per your Project Preset. Video is Video. If you chose NTSC Standard 4:3 720x480, PAR = 0.9, that is all of the pixels, that one can display at one time - 720 x 480. I could use one of my 4 x 5 images @ 1000 ppi (20 MP file) (if the NLE could Import such a large file), but all that would display would be 720 x 480 - regardless. Now, the NLE has to process all those pixels, but can only display the Frame Size of the Project Preset. If one wants quality, they will do the resizing in Photoshop, as it gives better quality, and offers much more control.


                                                  You can fight that, but if you have a 720 x 480 pixel Video display - that is all that you can see.


                                                  Sorry that you have never heard of this. Maybe you need to read up on Frame Size for Video. There is a lot to learn.


                                                  Good luck,



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                                                    I'm having the exact same problem with Audio dropping around the 30 second point in the rendered product (PC format). It doesn't matter which HD output I select, it happens with all of them.  If a fast forward past a trouble section and start playing it will go for another 30 seconds and then stops.  All the details are pretty much the same as described by the original poster. My source files are HDV from a Canon HV20.


                                                    My problem is that the recommeded fix won't work with the HD output. There isn't an MPEG selection in the audio tab for the HD options.   If I switch to "Multimedia MPEG 2" it gives the option but it's limited to low resolution ouput.  If I select NTSC DVD Widescreen everything comes out fine, but again it's low res.


                                                    This is driving me nuts! I can provide more details if necessary. Any suggestions?


                                                    Vista 32-bit

                                                    Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT

                                                    4 GB RAM

                                                    1 TB HD

                                                    Q6600 Quad overclocked to 3 GHz



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                                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                      Did the OP's reply (#18) not help you? It seemed to work for them.


                                                      Good luck,



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                                                        DolphMan Level 1

                                                        Unfortunately, when exporting to HD formats (e.g. H.264 1920x1080) the MPEG option doesn't exist under the audio tab.


                                                        Reply 18 works until I get to this part:


                                                        "THEN....click on ADVANCED

                                                        Go to AUDIO

                                                        Then change your audio format to MPEG"


                                                        I don't know where to go from here.  I spent about 10 hours messing with my system in order to get PE8 to run stable (it started out crashing every 5 to 10 mintues). Everything seems to be working okay now with the exception that I can't render the final product (rendering to a PC file). The DVD quality output is fine, but the HD output has this bizarre audio issue. PE4 renders HD just fine on my computer so I'm not sure why PE8 can't do the same thing!?


                                                        Any help would be much appreciated. I was pleased with my older version and was hoping PE8 would be a worthwhile upgrade.  Unless I can get this fixed I'm afraid I'll have to return the product.

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                                                          OhGoodGod! Level 1

                                                          I can tell you how to get around the problem, but unfortunately not how to FIX the problem...(I don't have any HD video to work with to play with at this time, sorry)


                                                          The audio is there, all of it, but there seems to be something in the PE8 program that doesn't allow more than 30 seconds of audio playability on anything higher than MPEG2 format when saving to computer...don't ask me why I didn't design the program, and I'm not particularly happy with it either.


                                                          If you capture, manipulate and then save (render) your video clip as in a HD format, you can then open in another program (I've used CyberDirector which does have HD options with no problem for this) and then re-render the video clip. It will solve the problem...sort of...but I can't tell you how to fix it. You will then have your HD video clip, with all of the audio, but you will have to use an additional program to accomplish this.


                                                          I had bought this program thinking that it would give me what I was looking for, lots of video options, with manual control and stable platform from which to work with....and honestly it is none of those. I would send it back but I bought the twofer pack with Photoshop, which I do like and I can use the PE8 program to make my AVI's more user-friendly to an older video program I use (Video Explosion) so I will keep it. But it is not in any way what was advertised as, it's an okay program, with lots of glitches, and a memory hog that locks up constantly if I try to use any of the more advanced features or use multiple effects.


                                                          As an irony, my old program (Video Explosion) does EVERYTHING that PE8 does, except the HD with more control, a stable platform, and with an intuitive layout. It does green screen, blue screen, picture-in-picture and also has probably an additional 20 effects that are not available with PE8. The only problem with it is it is old, and the company, Nova Development no longer makes it (it can be bought on several different sites though) which is a shame since it blows this program out of the water. Everything in it is manual, but it gives absolute control to the editor in what, how much, how long or how intense every effect, transition and transparency is. Unfortunately, I will have to continue my quest on finding Video Explosion's soul-sister...PE8 was not it, and eventually I will have to find it since I am planning on upgrading to the new Cannon EOS 7 next year.

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                                                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                                            Video Explosion was branched off from the product that eventually became Sony's Vegas MovieStudio. If being able to work with that camera's non-standard video is a priority, you should at it as an alternative.