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    Project Settings & Export Settings


      Camera:  Sony HDR-SR12 AVCHD Full HD 1920X1080i


      Purpose:  To record and edit in HD and produce videos without the top/bottom black bars and good sound quality...

      Please help me correct settings...


      For project settings, I have it set as NTSC-AVCHD-Full HD 1080i 30


      For export settings, what should I have that set on?


      Also, how do I ensure good audio settings?  Audio doesn't come out to clear.  Seems there are some glitches



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Make sure your audio as well as your video settings are correct in your project settings. Many AVCHD camcorders record in 5.1 audio.



          As for export settings -- well, it all depends on what you're exporting your video as! Are you trying to create a BluRay disc, post your video on YouTube or what?


          When you do export, I recommend you go with one of the default presets. In most cases, they are the best settings for the best quality.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve points out:


            Job 1  -


            Match your Project Preset 100% to your source footage, both Video & Audio


            Job 2 -


            Determine what your delivery format and scheme needs to be, and then Export to that. Most often, there are Presets, but here one can tailor the Export a bit, in many formats, to match what is needed.


            For Job 1, the camera's manual should give you the full set of data on exactly how Video and Audio are recorded. Those are the data that one would use to create a New Project. Now, there can be settings in your camera, that might change things a bit. You need to take care there, as those changes will have an impact on what you choose for your Project's Preset. If you have footage, that you did not record yourself, and do not know what its specs. are, a free utility, G-Spot, can give you the data.


            As for your Audio issues, please give us the full details of how your camera records Audio, your Project Preset (including the Audio Preset), and what your problems are. There could be first a mismatch, or second something in the editing, or Export, that is giving you the problems.


            Good luck,



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              envisionfreedom Level 1

              Thankyou so much guys for your feedback!  Appreciate it..  As

              far as the video settings along with audio, my AVCHD does record in 5.1 audio and the video settings I believe are correct as I stated in

              my original post.


              I tried exporting in 5.1 where the export settings are in default with premiere 7 and the audio would sound like a 10% time stretch with extreme low pitch and totally off. So when I changed the project settings to what I originally posted (neglecting the 5.1 audio) it fixed it but still seems a bit glitchy.  Thoughts?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Unfortunately, PrE cannot Export/encode DD 5.1 SS. It will only ever be stereo. Even PrPro (PrE's big brother) needs a US$250 SurCode DD 5.1 SS encoder plug-in to get more than stereo.


                Exactly what Export settings are you using?


                Having your Project Preset to the DD 5.1 SS Audio should not yield any problems, and should actually clear up a few others, like the Audio going to different Audio Tracks.


                Now, do you have any other Audio Assets in your Project, or is it just the Audio from the camera? How does the Audio sound, when monitored in PrE?


                Good luck,