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    Data lost during webservice call?????

    Phoenix_Guru Level 1



      I have an application based on cairngorm and I use webserives to submit data to database.

      The problem I am facing is that the some attributes of the data object which I want to send to the web service are getting lost. Untill the following steps, the data is there accurately, but then it gets lost after getting encoded.



      service = ServiceLocator.getInstance().getWebService(





      var token:AsyncToken = service.submitRequest(submitData);





      When I see the console (TraceTarget log)  to know what was sent through the web service, few of the data attributes are missing, which were actually present till the addResponder step. I have already checked the WSDL and the data strucuture present at the other end for any discrepancy but I am not finding any.


      Only clue I am getting is that the attributes are probably getting lost somewhere while encoding the SOAP request body.


      Please help me out. This one is Killing me Now!!