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    VideoPlayer source:  no .php urls

    dave cragg Level 2

      l trying out the VideoPlayer component. It seems only http urls ending in .flv can be used for the source property. (And perhaps other standard media suffixes, mp4, etc.) So something like this won't work:




      In the Beta 2 release, urls like this throw an error (from inside the SMIL manager). In the SDK build I'm currently using (12077), no error is thrown and the player screen just remains blank. (I'm pretty sure I'm using a valid URL. It works in other circumstances.)


      I see on Jira that an improvement was made to allow query strings to be appended to the url, but the fix still required the main url to end in a valid suffix. (.flv, etc.) I can see this change in the Beta 2 source, but things seem to have been rearranged since them and I can't find the point in the current source where this is handled.


      Anyway, I'm wondering whether not allowing php urls is by design, a limitation, or just an oversight.