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    TileLayout new row in DataGroup

    Pimenov Oleg Level 1

      I have some ItemRenders, which show 10 (or 5) img groups in one or two...ot three rows. Next group img must show in New Row.


      <s:DataGroup dataProvider="{arrayAC}" itemRendererFunction="itemRender"  height="500" >           

          <s:TileLayout id="Tile" requestedColumnCount="10" columnWidth="50" rowHeight="50"  />

      private function itemRender(item:Object):ClassFactory
        var cl:ClassFactory;

        if (item.gun)
         cl = new ClassFactory(MyItemRender);

        else if ()
        //******Other Items and ItemRenders

        return cl;


      When using next ItemRender I need go to the next row. How do it ??

      Or use other methods...


      Thanks !

      sorry for english.