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    Installing App from website


      I noticed that you can install an app from a website (.swf file) and I've read the documentation and looked at the distribution tutorial.

      However, is there any way to remove the "save" button on the install window?

      For example, if I want the only option to be installation from the website. I don't want anyone downloading the actual app.

      Any ideas?


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          Hi, I will try to answer your question because I just facing similar problem (about installing and launching air app) and I can solve it.

          From what I have see, the save button on installing windows show because the application you want to install have been installed on your computer.

          to solve this, you should try to get the application status. Is it installed, or not installed.

          if it is installed, you should do launchapplication.

          hope it help. if you need more help, just pm me and I will give you my source code in this discussion.

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